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Thursday, July 14, 2005

More pictures from California

Here are some more pictures from vacation, minus Trooper :-)
And yes, those buckets are filled with a lovely alcoholic beverage called a Shark Attack. We spent the day in Hermosa Beach with one of my favorite people, Ben. We laid out on the beach and then drank from buckets and people watched.

The flower is my one artistic shot from the Getty Museum. Creative, I know. Ooooh, a flower, and it's purple! I'll throw up some of Dan's later; they're kinda awesome.

And the cheesy shot of Dan is from dinner one night. We ate at this great Italian restaurant in Venice Beach, where they just drop off a carafe of chianti (honor system), amazing garlic rolls and tons of food. Then, they come by with song sheets and the whole restaurant sings along with That's Amore with much clinking of glasses. It was fun and romantic all at the same time. I mean, it was practically karaoke :-) with candlelight.


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