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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Kitty survived

Hey all,

So just a little update. Pumpkin survived the removal of the cone. I got home from work, changed into some comfy clothes, and then took off his cone.

He rolled around on the carpet for a while, then started bathtime. For a while, I just sat and watched him, and whenever he got close to the stitches, I would bat his head away. Finally I gave up and took B's advice, that he would stop if it hurt.

And people, I am pleased to announce that he is a smart kitten and did not kill himself.
He survived the night and darn, he really loves that little mousey. I hope Isabelle doesn't mind that he's loving the toy basket in the living room :-)

But I definitely need another cat friend for him. I would feel so much better if he had a buddy while I'm at work. Technically, I'm giving him back to my sis on August 20th, so I have some time to coordinate my plan for 2 kitties.



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