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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Kitty with the cone

So I have officially started catsitting my future cat, Pumpkin. We drove back home from Delaware this weekend, him all curled up and napping in my lap while I sang him country music. He was/is my little sister's cat, but she moved back in with my parents and they did not appreciate the cuteness of the kitten since he terrorized the old cat, Raindrop.

(Okay, so Pumpkin might have enjoyed putting Raindrop into a headlock and attempting to bite her head off, but it was all in good fun. He's only a kitten! And she was tormenting him (she's 9yo) by waving her tail in his face. What's a kitten to do!)

But I digress. So I am temporarily housing Pumpkin for a couple weeks, to give Raindrop a hiatus, and to entertain myself.

But all I have learned so far (2 days and counting) is that ... I think I'm going to be a horrible mother.

And not just a horrible mother, but a neurotic, obsessed, I can't believe I'm still at work because what if something happened to him today and I've been working, kind of mother.

See, Pumpkin will no longer a man and also (thanks Dad) got a microchip implanted in him, so as my sister explained, if we dropped him in the Alps, they could find him via satellite. As a result of all this surgery, Pumpkin has a cone on his head. For the past 10 days, he has been called Coney, Conehead, Helmet and any other variation of oh-my-goodness-you-look-ridiculous. Because he does.

And as soon as I get a hold of a digital camera, I will have the pictures to prove it.

I'll share some more stories tomorrow, but tonight is technically "take off the cone night."

And I'm petrified that he will rip out his stitches and bleed to death if I do not watch him every second. And I have to do laundry tonight .... in the basement of my apartment building!!!!!

The cone is definitely going back on before I step out of the apartment.

Maybe even if I have to go to the bathroom.


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