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Friday, August 19, 2005

Not much new

So, the transition here at my office is complete and official.

And now my workload has tripled. Makes work fun and interesting ... but also makes work go on forever!

Had a very nice and relaxing weekend last weekend. Wasn't feeling super hot, but it made laying out by the pool all day with Kodi and Mallen really nice and perfect. Granted, it was pretty darn hot, and by the end of each afternoon, you would find all three of us standing in the pool with our books, but perfect. And anytime anyone wants to watch Team America- World Police, again, we will be there!

This weekend is shaping up to be crazy as usual. Going away party, redneck barbecue, two birthday parties, then my dad's surprise birthday party. And that doesn't take Pumpkin-Kirsten bonding time into account!

Hopefully going to borrow Bren's digital camera next week to document the cuteness that is Pumpkin. He's quite the little acrobat!

Okay, back to work ... and have a great weekend.


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