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Friday, August 05, 2005

So, so, so tired ....

But good times with dinner, movie and Georgetown!

So last night, I took Dan out for his birthday to Fahrenheit, at the Ritz Carlton Georgetown. Very, very fun and yummy. Plus, I was wearing my little black dress with my cute red shoes, so I was feeling particularly cute and sexy. We stopped for drinks at Degrees first, and Dan mentioned that he hadn't had a cigar in forever, so of course we had to stop at Georgetown Tobacco. Then we hung out at Tony & Joes to enjoy said cigars and watch the Nationals on tv. And then it was off to Bad News Bears, which was hilarious. Billy Bob Thornton, while very odd in general, was hysterical. He just doesn't seem like a nice person to me, but he was really, really good.

So after all these fun times last night, I went to get in the shower this morning, desperately needing to wake up and ...

no hot water.

So I took the cold shower, with Pumpkin yelling/meowing at me the whole time, and now I am so sleepy.

Maybe I can fit in a nap before the Nationals game tonight? Maybe before I shower again?


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